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ANTWERK provides a full range of services for the transportation of finished vehicles, components for production facilities and the supply of service spare parts to the dealer network.
In auto-logistics, ANTWERK transports the following cargo:
Antwerk specifically develops optimal logistic schemes for the loading and delivery of finished vehicles, car kits and auto parts in domestic and international communications. Delivery of car kits and other car components from various countries to assembly plants in Europe, America and the CIS. Transportation of vehicles from warehouses and ports.

Antwerk guarantees uninterrupted and rhythmic deliveries of car kits, compliance with the batch of containers in one batch, as well as the observance of a clear timetable for the delivery of auto components to the assembly line. We provide the ability to ship a set of spare parts and accessories with the car. ANTWERK develops and manufactures special lodgements to place auto kits for transportation in a container.

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